Tuesday March 11 2014

Bunyoro wants govt to regulate immigrants

By Francis Mugerwa

Bunyoro-Kitara Kingdom has petitioned the government to regulate the high influx of immigrants into the oil-rich region. The kingdom prime minister, Rev Jackson Nsamba Kasozi, told Internal Affairs minister Aronda Nyakairima last Friday that whereas the king welcomes people from all walks of life into Bunyoro-Kitara to participate in development, “he wants immigration to be regulated and people coming into Bunyoro should be identified and their purpose of coming be established”.

Rev Kasozi said whereas some of the people could have good intensions, there could be those harbouring criminal motives. Rev Kasozi also said many kingdom subjects have complained that some unidentified immigrants are settling in protected forest reserves, leaving them destroyed with impunity thus causing environmental degradation.

Gen Nyakairima, who had visited Bunyoro to mobilise the kingdom officials to support the upcoming citizen registration and issuance of national identity cards, said the government will address the concerns.