Businessman Kajubi faults High Court on judgment

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By Juliet Kigongo

Posted  Monday, March 31   2014 at  19:46


Jailed businessman Godfrey Kato Kajubi, who was sentenced to life in prison over the murder of 12-year-old Joseph Kasirye, has said the punishment is harsh compared to the circumstances of the case.

Through his lawyers, Kajubi also faulted the High Court for failing to corroborate the evidence of his former co-accused persons; the witchdoctor Umar Katerega and his wife Mariam Nabukeera, who are presumed not trustworthy.

“These two people first confessed to the matter and later turned into witnesses,” Mr Anthony Wameli, one of Kajubi’s lawyers, said
He added: “Their evidence needs an independent witness to collaborate it.”

Mr Kajubi was in 2012 sentenced to life in prison by the second presiding High Court judge Mike Chibita, who said prosecution had produced sufficient evidence to squarely prove that Kajubi had taken the body parts of Joseph Kasirye.

Kajubi appeared before the Appeal judges; Remmy Kasule, Eldad Mwangusya and Justice Faith Mwondha yesterday.
The case was under a retrial after the Directorate of Public Prosecution challenged the High Court’s decision to acquit Kajubi. The judgment in this matter is on notice.

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