Businessman loses Shs40 million in daytime robbery

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By Mudangha Kolyangha

Posted  Friday, February 15   2013 at  02:00

In Summary

Group of youth attack Mr Abdu Karim on his way to the bank and force him to surrender the bag containing the money.

Mid-morning may seem too early for robbers to stage a raid in the centre of a major town, especially with the police and private security guards stationed on various streets.

But for Mbale Town, this was not to be. Four men on Wednesday waylaid a prominent businessman, and robbed him of Shs40.8 million.

Ms Diana Nandawula, the Elgon region police spokesperson, confirmed the development, saying Mr Abdu Karim, 40, an Indian national operating a stationery shop on Market Road, was attacked on his way to Orient Bank to deposit the money.

Ms Nandawula said a group of four youth, manhandled the trader and grabbed the bag containing the money and disappeared.

An eyewitness told the Daily Monitor that he saw a group of youth squeezing the businessman’s neck and grabbing the bag, before fleeing the scene in different directions.

In the process, bundles of money were scattered on the ground, leaving the people operating near Lorry Market scrambling for the money.

“This motive could have originated from his workers because nobody knew that Mr Karim was taking money to the bank that day,” Ms Nandawula said.

She added that one person was later arrested to help the police with the investigations.

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