Busoga leads in gender violence

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Women roundup their husband in a drinking joint in Moroto Municipality

Women roundup their husband in a drinking joint in Moroto Municipality during women’s day celebrations. They were accusing him of failing to cater for the family. Photo by Steven Ariong 


Posted  Friday, December 13  2013 at  12:00

In Summary

A survey has revealed that men in Busoga consume alcohol and later abuse their families.


IGANGA- A few months after former Forum for Democratic Change president Kizza Besigye named it the headquarters of poverty in the country, Busoga has once again hit the headlines for the wrong reasons.

The Inter-Religious Council of Uganda (IRCU) has released the findings of a nationwide survey that has placed Busoga region in top position in terms of gender-based violence.

Releasing the report in Iganga last weekend, IRCU secretary general, Joshua Kitakule said Busoga had registered 62 per cent of cases of gender abuse followed by Karamoja with 60 per cent cases. Both Busoga and Karamoja had been classified under eastern region.

According to Mr Kitakule, regional classifications had also revealed that West Nile and northern region, which is comprised of Lango and Acholi sub-regions, came third and fourth respectively with 58 and 56 per cent cases of gender abuse.

Kampala and central came second last and last with 24 and 22 per cent cases respectively.

Mr Kitakule attributed the increased gender violence in Busoga to persistence use of drugs in families, embracing of witchcraft and wrong interpretation of the religious teachings and scriptures.

“People say that the Bible encourages drinking of alcohol, but we all know that the Bible encourages all believers to detach themselves from anything that can make them err. Now we all know that alcohol makes people err. How then would the Bible have been encouraging consumption of the same?” he wondered.

He called on government to come up with tough laws to help in fighting against consumption of alcohol and acts of witchcraft.

In a related development, authorities in Bugembe Town Council have launched a campaign aimed at combating increasing cases of domestic violence, which they blame for family breakups and an influx of street children in the area.
Speaking at the launch of the 16 days of activism this week, Bugembe Town Council Chairman, Mr Steven Wante, said the aim is to wipe out domestic violence in his town.