Thursday January 23 2014

Cabinet ratifies EAC Peace and Security Protocol


Kampala- The government Thursday announced Cabinet has ratified the East African Community Protocol on Peace and Security, aimed at bolstering cross-boundary security and stability.
Information minister, Rosemary Namayanja, told journalists that the ratification of the protocol is a requirement for partner states as provided for under Article 20- of the Protocol and Section 3 of the Ratification of Treaties Act of 1998.

“The key provisions contained in the protocol include, among others; conflict resolution, prevention of genocide and suppressing piracy,” she said.

She added: Cabinet has accordingly authorised the foreign affairs minister to sign, seal and deposit the instrument of the ratification of the Protocol on Peace and Security with the EAC secretary general, Richard Ssezibera.

 Last week, Cabinet approved UPDF’s military operations alongside national armies of other East African Community member states, potentially to combat terrorism and rebel activities in the region, under the EAC Protocol on Cooperation on Defence Affairs.

But the minister said, the latest protocol to be sanctioned encompasses the Defence Protocol, which majorly seeks to bolster regional security and also address humanitarian issues arising out of conflict.