Car catches fire near Electoral Commission main gate

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The car belongs to Ministry of Finance. Photo by Alex Esagala. 


Posted  Thursday, March 10   2016 at  12:08

Traffic was disrupted on Jinja road near Electoral Commission main gate on Thursday morning after a car belonging to Ministry of Finance caught fire.

According to Mr Joseph Mugisha, director fire rescue team, the fire started from within the car’s dashboard an indication that there was an electric short circuit. He said the car belongs to Ministry of Finance and appealed to car owners to ensure they always move with potable fire extinguisher to save the situation in case of eventualities.

“There was something wrong with this Nissan car’s wiring system. So the fire started from the dashboard. It started as a small fire and if the driver had had a potable fire extinguisher, it would not have caused such damage. But he had to wait for the fire rescue team to come to save the car,” Mr Mugisa said.

Eye witnesses said that it took the fire brigade about an hour to get to the scene. In the meantime, the police tear gas truck was used to put off the fire.

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