Catholic Church denounces domestic violence, promiscuity

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Posted  Wednesday, January 1  2014 at  02:00


The Catholic Church has denounced acts of domestic violence and promiscuity, which it says are on the increase with calls for behavioral change. The concerns, if not addressed immediately, are likely to expose children to wrong moral attitudes, warned Dr Cyprian Lwanga, the Archbishop of Kampala Diocese.

In his New Year message to Ugandans, Dr Lwanga said domestic and social violence has resulted into murder, trauma, physical injuries, discomfort in homes and torture.

“Promiscuity is also on the increase. Recently it was reported in the press that in Kampala alone, there are over 6,500 prostitutes, 900 of whom are men. HIV/Aids is also on the increase resulting mainly from the irresponsible sexual behaviour,” noted Dr Lwanga. He said the country is also faced with a moral challenge of abortion and the use of contraceptives with some activists distributing free condoms in schools.

Dr Lwanga also advised that Parliament starts “debating real issues” that will help this country.