Wednesday July 17 2013

Cholera outbreak reported in Bundibugyo refugee camp

By Ruth Katusabe, Thembo Kahungu & Francis Mugerwa


Cholera has broken out in Bundibugyo District, in camps accommodating refugees who fled fighting between the Congolese and alleged rebels of the Allied Democratic Forces in the eastern Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC).

Mr Mathias Kisembo, a clinical officer at Nyahuka Health Centre III, said they had 15 cases of cholera by Monday, with the most affected being children under five years. “More than 50 children are also admitted with malaria at this facility and we lack enough drugs,” he said yesterday.

As more refugees continue to enter Uganda, military sources said Ugandan security officials are keeping a close watch on the identities and activities of the refugees to ensure that insurgents do not enter the country disguising to be refugees.

At least 10 primary schools in Bundibugyo have closed after they were occupied by refugees.
Bundibugyo District chairman Jolly Tibemanya on Monday said they have to first re-empty the school toilets or build new ones so that schools can re-open.

Meanwhile, President Museveni, who is traversing districts in the Luweero triangle to popularise the wealth creation programme, has assured Ugandans of security. “We have built a very strong army. No one can destabilise Uganda. Whoever tries to do so will be defeated decisively,” he told a rally at Dwaniro Sub-county headquarters on Sunday.