Saturday May 3 2014

Christians petition Ntagali over bishop

By Paul Aruho, Zadock Amanyisa & Rajab Mukombozi

Bishop of West Ankole Diocese Yona Mwesigwa Katonene has told off his critics over their accusation that he intends to transfer Ankole Western University from Sheema District to Bushenyi District.
On Monday, Bishop Katonene was locked out of Nyakabira church in Sheema where he had gone for confirmation of children into the Christian faith. It took the intervention of the police to break the padlocks for the bishop to access the church.

The bishop, who used to mingle freely with Christians, was seen guarded by both police and other ununiformed operatives at churches he visited in the archdioceses in the district.

Mr Sam Kahindi, a member of the Western Ankole University project governing council, accused Bishop Katonene of changing the composition of the diocesan Synod, the supreme body of the church.

“He has referred to us as fools. We are mindful of what we are doing and we are not apologising. He has changed the whole system in the church, and we are demanding that church organs must be used to determine the affairs of the diocese,” said Mr Kahindi.

Mr Kahindi said the Christians, church leaders and elders want Archbishop of the Church of Uganda Stanley Ntagali to intervene in the standoff.
Addressing a press conference at Katungu Mothers Union Centre in Bushenyi on Wednesday, Bishop Katonene denied the accusations against him. He said it was a move by a few uninformed people.

He said it’s the diocesan council which directs him on what to do. “Whoever is not happy with what we are doing should use the diocesan council instead of going to the streets,” the bishop added.