Christians pray for Kadaga over gays law

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By Fred Wambedde

Posted  Tuesday, August 26   2014 at  11:27

In Summary

According to Ms Betty Wangali, Christians should stand by Ms Kadaga to stay firm when handling the debate

Christians at St Peter’s Church in Nkoma Parish on Monday prayed for the Speaker of Parliament, Ms Rebecca Kadaga to stay firm in regard to the anti-homosexuality law, which was recently annulled by court.
Court annulled the highly controversial law, saying it was passed without quorum.

Ms Betty Wangali, who led the congregation, said the church needed to stand by Ms Kadaga, Parliament and the NRM Caucus, which are considering the passing of the law afresh.

She said as a result, Christians need to go into prayer to ask God to make the Speaker strong so that she presides over Parliament without fear, especially when the anti-homosexuality law returns for debate.
However, Ms Wangali also revealed that the church was not happy over President Museveni’s attitude towards the law.

She said the President seemed like he was trying to appease the West, which had harshly criticised the law that was publicly signed by Mr Museveni recently.

The West, including America and much of Europe, have openly criticised the government for passing a law that had instituted harsh punishments for those found guilty of promoting or practicing homosexuality.

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