Wednesday May 21 2014

Church suspends catechist over fight for Museveni cash

By Robert Owot

Pader- The Catholic Church in Pader Town Council Parish has suspended one of its members, whom it accused of fighting for President Museveni’s cash.

Ms Margaret Onyango, the treasure to Pader Women Vendors Association, also a catechist at the parish, was suspended following a resolution made by the parish council, citing misconduct.

It is alleged that Ms Onyango on Wednesday last week, fought with Ms Iren Ajok over Shs800,000 that had gone missing.

The cash was part of the Shs2.4 million that was given to the Pader women vendors Association by President Museveni during the Agaru Saccos annual general meeting in Pader District.

While addressing hundreds who turned up for the Sunday mass, the Rev Fr Christopher Komakech, noted that the parish council has decided to suspend Ms Onyago until further notice.

“As the catholic church, we condemn her reckless behaviour. She fought a colleague in her cover up for cash that was swindled,” Fr Komakech said.

He added that, they cannot continue to work or stay with a corrupt person who should have played an exemplary role in society.

When Ms Onyango, was contacted, she could not comment on the matter but was just in tears. Ms Filder Akidi, a close friend to Ms Onyango, told the Daily Monitor that, she had been crying since the Sunday mass.