Tuesday November 1 2016

Court calls off Muslim leaders trial for lack of funds

Sheikh Yunus Kamoga waves for his followers

Sheikh Yunus Kamoga waves for his followers recently at the high court in Kampala as he boarded the prisons bus after their trial case was adjourned for a period of three weeks due to the hard economic times faced by the judiciary. PHOTO BY MICHAEL KAKUMIRIZI  


KAMPALA. The trial of Muslim leaders who are accused of terrorism and assassination of rival Muslim clerics has been suspended due to lack of funds for transportation of witnesses and facilitation of other court officials involved in the prosecution of the case .

Suspending the trial this afternoon, the International Crimes Division of the High Court (ICD) said the money in question was for transportation, lunch and accommodation for witnesses especially those who come from far and to facilitate three court assessors and other officials like lawyers and sitting allowances for the three judges presiding over the trial. The financial snag was brought to the attention of the court by the lead prosecutor Mr Lino Anguzu.

Court was told that even the last six witnesses who had testified, had not been paid and that state prosecutors were forced to pull money out of their pockets to pay some of them.

The lead judge Ezekiel Muhanguzi suspended the hearing for three weeks, up to November 21 hoping that by then, the registrar of the court would have secured the required funds to resume the trial.
Fourteen Muslim leaders including the leader of the Tabliq Sect Sheikh Yunus Kamoga are on trial for alleged assassination of several top rival Muslim clerics in the country two years ago.