Court halts investigations into fake degree certificate

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Posted  Friday, February 14   2014 at  02:00

In Summary

The fake degree was allegedly awarded to a Mombasa-based politician by Kampala University.

Kampala-The High Court in Kampala has temporarily halted police from investigating the process resulting in the award of a Bachelor’s Degree to Mombasa County governor, Mr Hassan Ali Joho, by Kampala University.

Court also stopped the police from arresting or detaining any staff of the university under the guise of investigating the process leading to the award of the questioned degree.

The interim order issued by Justice Elizabeth Musoke, will remain in effect until the main suit is heard and determined.

Mr Joho, a key figure in Kenyan politics, has been at the storm of controversy since March last year over allegations that he fraudulently obtained an academic transcript of Kampala University yet he was not actually attending lectures at the institution.

Following this controversy, the Uganda Police alongside the National Council for Higher Education conducted parallel investigations to establish the truth surrounding the matter.

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