Thursday August 7 2014

Court was wrong to annul anti-gays law, says victims

Mr George Oundo, the Ex-gays Uganda Community Association

Mr George Oundo, the Ex-gays Uganda Community Association chairperson, speaks in Kampala yesterday. PHOTO BY FAISWAL KASIRYE 


Kampala- The decision by court to annul the anti-homosexuality law is defective and violates the rights of homosexuality victims, former gays have said.
They made the remarks while addressing journalists at Namirembe Resource Centre in Kampala yesterday.

“The court’s decision is deeply defective and violates our rights. We believe this is a move to kill our culture and moral values. Uganda is not merchandise on the market for sale,” Mr George Oundo, the Ex-gays Uganda Community association chairperson, said.

He urged Parliament to hastily retable the bill so as to protect Ugandans who have not yet been affected. “Some of us who left the vice suffer rejection, discrimination and have been abandoned by our family members which has rendered us poor,” Mr Oundo added.

He said the public is misinformed that those who renounce homosexuality are bribed.

“We abandoned the vice by the grace of God but it’s painful to hear such allegations made by a misinformed society,” Mr Oundo added

He revealed that many victims like him have been sodomised, threatened, mistreated and tortured by their tormentors who use their influence in security organs.

Members of Parliament on Tuesday started collecting signatures to retable the Anti-homosexuality Bill back in Parliament after the Constitutional Court annulled it on Friday last week on grounds that it was passed without quorum.