DP's Nabukenya in early lead

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NRM's Rebecca Nalwanga and DP's Brenda Nabukenya exchange pleasantries after bumping into each other earlier at one of the polling stations. Photo by Domnic Bukenya 

By Stephen Kafeero

Posted  Thursday, May 22   2014 at  18:03

As the Luweero by-elections come to an end, DP's Brenda Nabukenya looks set to regain the seat.

The vote count earlier proves that the DP candidate is leading comfortably. Vote count from Wobulenzi kisaawe polling station indicate Nabukenya obtained 404, whole her biggest rival Rebecca Nalwanga polled 111 votes.

At ourlady A polling station, Nabukenya polled 206, while NRM's Nalwanga managed 48 votes, at Makcollege Luweero polling station A-Z, Nabukenya polled 274, while Nalwanga garnered 53 votes.

Nabukenya's supporters have now taken to the streets to celebrate what they anticipate to be a landslide victory. Meanwhile the police remains heavily deployed but they have not yet intercepted the joyous crowds celebrating in Luweero town.

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