Monday August 25 2014

Daily Monitor named among top 10 brands in Uganda


Top 52 brands in the country were recognised on Friday with Daily Monitor, Coca Cola, Picfare and MTN all featuring in the top 10 slot.

Rwenzori Mineral Water, Nomi, Eurofoam, Movit, CBS Radio and Mukwano Tea were the other brands that were also ranked in the top 10 position. The Daily Monitor sister company, KFM, Samona Herbal Jelly, Nytil Textile, Nile Special, Bell Lager and Roofings were also part of the brands that walked away with accolades for becoming household names.

The Executive Director of Private Sector Foundation Uganda (PSFU), Mr Gideon Badagawa, the organiser of the top 52 brands awards, said the idea behind the recognition of the top brands in the country is to rewards companies that have made it in the minds and heart of the consumers despite several challenges.

In his remarks, the Minister of State for Industry, Mr James Mutende, said government is committed to improving infrastructures such as roads, electricity and railway system to enhance private sector competitiveness.

The Finance, Planning and Economic Development Minister, Maria Kiwanuka, said: “Government is focusing on removing barriers to trade and ensuring that the tax collected are not only used properly—use it according to the budget priorities.”

As part of national golden jubilee, PSFU organised Uganda’s Top 50 Brands as the private sector national commemorative event.

The Top 52 Brands was designated a biannual event by PSFU. The 2014 event is the second edition.
The brand must be committed to the well-being of Ugandans by providing employment, innovating to expand economic and social well-being, contributing their share of taxes and generally being a corporate good citizen and consist quality.

Semu & Associates, the PSFU auditor appointed by members of the PSFU at their 17th Annual General Meeting audited the selection process.

Selection process
The selection process comprised three stages: (a) verification of submitted brands to confirm they comply with criteria
(b) Consumer Opinion Survey
(C) SMS voting.

Consumer opinion survey
Economic Policy Research Centre (EPRC) was contracted by PSFU to carry out a national wide consumer opinion survey.

EPRC supported by Uganda Bureau of Statistics completed the survey. Within the attributes expected of a Uganda’s Top 52 Brand of Continuity, Companionship and Consistency in Quality.

The survey covered an area made up of 1,525,120 households. A sample of 1,789 households was selected.

The actual sample surveyed contained 1,789 households. However, actual completed questionnaires were 1,657. In this case 1,525,120 is the population of respondents represented in this survey.