Defilement cases top Luweero High Court sessions

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Posted  Thursday, March 10   2016 at  02:00

Luweero- Defilement tops the list of criminal cases to be tried at the High Court criminal session in Luweero, Daily Monitor has established.

The cases to be tried by Justice Joseph Murangira include a total of 23 defilement cases. Others are rape (6 cases), murder (4 cases) and aggravated robbery (1 case). The one-month criminal session opens today.

Justice Murangira, who met the stakeholders from the districts of Luweero, Nakasongola and Nakaseke in Luweero on Monday, promised to press for more High Court sessions for districts in greater Luweero to handle the case backlog which, according to prison officials, stands at 427 cases committed for trial in High Court.

“We can even have two sessions after every two months. All will depend on the availability of resources. We are handling the older cases first,” Justice Mulangira said.

Earlier, Luweero District prison Commander, Mr Charles Nangoshya, informed the meeting that handling 40 cases in a single High Court session in one year cannot help offload the case backlog since about 427 suspects are committed to the High Court.

Many of the defilement cases, according to district leaders are a result of negligence by parents. “Some parents in the cattle corridor allow their daughters to walk long distances to fetch water without the company of an elder.

Some are left to look after the cattle,” Mr Amos Kalema, the Luweero Assistant Chief Administrative Officer, told Daily Monitor in an interview.

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