Sunday February 24 2013

Delegates decry low political will for integration

By Freeric Musisi

Delegates at the 17th meeting of Intergovernmental Committee of Experts in Kampala have expressed concerns over the low levels of commitment among individual political heads in achieving the much anticipated regional integration.

The revelation was made on Friday by representatives of Burundi, Rwanda, Comoros, Madagascar, Eritrea, Djibouti, Seychelles, Ethiopia, Democratic Republic of Congo, Somalia, Tanzania, Kenya, South Sudan, and Uganda.
Mr Machar Aciek Nyang, the undersecretary, Ministry Petroleum and Mining of South Sudan, said individual East African leaders interested in survival than in sustaining plans for regional integration.

“African’s cooperation agenda is largely dependent on development partners and with the leaders showing less interests, it is far from achievement,” Mr Nyang said.

The conference was aimed at addressing regional problems such as trade barriers, insecurity, corruption, and low levels of political commitment, that are impeding the prospects of integration.