Monday February 4 2013

Dembe FM gets new look, retains name


Dembe FM, a popular radio station owned by Monitor Publications Limited (MPL) has been rebranded, with a new promise to further woo its target audience and lure more listeners.

The rebrand comes five months after the station was bought by MPL, joining a number of other media houses under the company portfolio.

In an email, Mr Aaron Aguma, the MPL marketing manager, said while the radio station was maintaining its name, internal improvements had been undertaken to excite all its publics equally.

“If you follow the James Bond movies or 24 series, in all movies/series, it’s the same lead actor, on a new assignment. To me that’s how I would term the new Dembe, same hero, new assignment,” Mr Aguma said yesterday.

He added that before the rebranding, “the Dembe brand achieved what it set out to do among its target audience. Because of that success, it has been given fresh objectives; therefore this rebrand is a launch-pad into the new assignments”.

The re-launch activities will include an advertisers’ breakfast dialogue at Hotel Africana, Katonga Hall on Wednesday starting 7 am.