Saturday March 2 2013

Deputy Premier Kategaya dies in Nairobi hospital

By Monitor Reporter

The First Deputy Prime Minister and Minister for East African Community Affairs, Eriya Kategaya, is dead.
A family member who preferred anonymity said Kategaya died in a hospital in Nairobi where he was hospitalised about a month ago.
He was reportedly suffering from a condition known as Thrombosis (a blockage preventing the flow of blood in the body caused by a clot or a lump of blood).
Kategaya, 67, (born July 4, 1945) was reported to have been having treatment in and out of the country for a long period.
Mr Kategaya has shared a long relationship with President Yoweri Museveni since their primary school days at Kyamate Primary School in Ntungamo in the 1940s.
As Resistance Officer (RO002) after Museveni (RO001), Kategaya was not engaged in active combat during the 1981-86 bush war. He was according to the army awarded a honorary rank of Brigadier “for his contribution to the struggle.”
In 2003, Kategaya disagreed with his childhood friend over moves to amend the Constitution to remove term limits.
As a result, he was dropped from cabinet.
He joined some former NRM colleagues to create the Forum for Democratic Change (FDC) .
However, his relationship with the opposition did not last long as he soon after re-joined Museveni in government, walking back on a famous comment he had made during, “a man can only turn in bed but cannot go back on his word,” a Runyankore saying.