Don’t dip hands in public purse, says Archbishop Bakyenga

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Graduands offer gifts to Mbarara Diocese Archbishop Paul Bakyenga during the Uganda Martyrs University 21st extended graduation ceremony in Mbarara Town on Friday. PHOTO BY RAJB MUKOMBOZI 


Posted  Monday, January 25   2016 at  02:00

Mbarara. Mbarara Diocese Archbishop Paul Bakyenga has asked the elite to be good role models and stop being perpetuators of ill-practices and immorality in the country.
Citing corruption, Archbishop Bakyenga said it’s unfortunate that today, instead of using their knowledge to make societies better, graduates commit crimes and ills in society.

He was on Friday officiating at the Uganda Martyrs University extended 21st graduation ceremony for 92 students who completed their studies at Nyamitanga Campus in Mbarara Town.
The Archbishop said in the past, people used to rob banks by staging attacks but today, educated employees in these institutions use sophisticated knowledge to steal.
“There are some people eating the packed food for the children of this country,” Archbishop Bakyenga said in reference to the rampant corruption in public institutions.
“As the church, we will strive to continue giving spiritual guidance on morals and values to see that the knowledgeable add value to their societies instead of ruining them.”

Archbishop Bakyenga said it is against this background that the Catholic Church is trying to establish institutions in different parts of the country to impart Christian values that will address spiritual, social and economic challenges.
He challenged the graduates not to be selfish with their knowledge but share it to benefit their families and communities.

The university vice chancellor, the Rev Prof Chrysostom Maviri, told the graduates that they are not getting educated primarily to get employment but to add value and transform communities.
The Uganda Martyrs University Nyamitanga campus will give way to the opening of the University of St Joseph’s, Mbarara, a project of Mbarara Archdiocese that was launched last year. At the same function, 137 students of Nyamitanga College of Business Studies were awarded diplomas and certificates in various disciplines.

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