Monday August 18 2014

Dokolo chairperson fires deputy over Museveni job

By Bill Oketch

Dokolo- The LC5 chairperson of Dokolo District, Mr John Baptist Okello Okello, has dismissed his deputy, Ms Beatrice Molly Abang, after she was appointed by President Museveni as a member of Uganda Aids Commission (UAC).

In an interview With the Daily Monitor last week, Mr Okello said: “She has been relieved from her duties as vice chairperson so that she can concentrate on her new duties.”

The two officials have been working closely until February, when Ms Abang was sworn in at the President’s office.
She was appointed to the UAC together with Dr Joel Okullu Odom from Lango region.

Ms Abang is replaced by Mr Joel Opota Okuma, the former secretary works and technical services, who also serve as secretary finance.

However, Ms Abang claims that Mr Okello’s decision was backed by pressure from Dokolo Woman MP Ceceilia Ogwal.

“Mr Okello has decided to remove me from the executive because of the pressure coming from my political rival, MP Cecilia Ogwal,” Ms Abang said last Friday.

She claimed Ms Ogwal feared that if she continued working as the district vice chairperson, it would make her popular ahead of the 2016 polls.
Mr Okello, however, denied being under any pressure, saying: “I am the one who appointed her and I am also the one who supports that she should continue with her new role with the Uganda Aids Commission, which is big grace to the people in Dokolo.”

Ms Ogwal also denied influencing Mr Okello. “I cannot influence the decision of the chairman on who to appoint. The appointment of any member of the executive is clearly defined in the Local Government Act.”