Friday January 8 2016

Don’t vote basing on tribe, religion - Buganda official

Mr Ssewava Sserubiri

Mr Ssewava Sserubiri (standing) addresses residents of Busiro North constituency in Wakiso District on Tuesday. PHOTO BY JOSEPH KIGGUNDU 



Former Buganda minister for youth Ssewava Sserubiri has urged Baganda not to vote leaders based on tribe and religion, saying all the country needs is development.

“The Kabaka has never discriminated against his ministers who serve in Buganda Lukiiko. That is why you see people from various tribes attending the Lukiiko. Vote for capability,” Mr Sserubiri said.

He made the remarks on Tuesday while addressing residents of Busiro East constituency at a rally organised by Mr Emmanuel Magoola Matovu, one of the contestants for the parliamentary seat. “We want development and I am not here to fight politicians but they must contribute to the process of delivering services to their people,” he said. Mr Sserubiri also challenged MPs to work towards development of their areas.
Mr Magoola promised to set up projects that will end poverty once voted into office.