Tuesday February 9 2016

Don’t sell your votes - Mafabi

Mr Nandala Mafabi

Mr Nandala Mafabi 


Mbale- The Forum for Democratic Change (FDC) secretary general has asked Sironko district voters not to dispense their vote in the February 18, elections for money.
Mr Nathan Nandala Mafabi, who doubles as the incumbent MP for Budadiri West, also asked voters to reject NRM leaders dishing out Shs250,000 per village to buy their way into power.

Mr Mafabi was addressing voters of Bushuwu village in sironko district last Friday at a campaign rally of Mr Isaiah Sasaga, the FDC candidate for the Budadiri East Member of Parliament seat.

“I want to warn you, you have suffered for the last 30 years, they have made empty promises, they deceived you, deceived your children and they are deceiving your grandchildren. Tell them that your vote is not for sale because it serves as your voice and your country so when you sell it, you are selling your voice and country,” Mr Mafabi said.

“I want to warn you, you should not peg your future on salt and a tablet of soap as we prepare for elections come February 18,” Mr Mafabi added.

The NRM chairperson for Sironko district, Mr Sulaiman Lumolo, said the money being given out to the villages by his party is meant for mobilisation of the people and not for buying votes.

“This money is from the party, it is meant for our flag bearers at every level and in case these people are entitled to this money as NRM flag bearers, Opposition should stop bad politics of dirtying others,” said Mr Lumolo on Monday.

Mr Sasaga, the incumbent MP, pledged to improve agricultural productivity and fight poverty and improve quality of education in the constituency if elected. He urged his voters to avoid violence and intimidation during election, show up for voting on February 18, and stay awake until every vote has been counted.

Mr Sasaga Wanzira is standing against Mr Vincent Woboya, the NRM flag bearer for the Budadiri east Member of Parliament seat.