Dry conditions in February, experts say

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Posted  Friday, January 24   2014 at  02:00

In Summary

Most areas will remain cloudy apart from those around Lake Victoria basin and south western region.

Kampala- Although some parts of the country are receiving rainfall at a time when it is expected to be dry, the weather department has predicted that most areas will experience a dry spell next month.

According to weather experts, this condition is as a result of slightly warmer than average Sea Surface Temperatures (SSTs) which are expected to continue towards the end of January.

“Overall, the forecast indicates that most parts of the country are expected to remain sunny and dry over January and February,” Mr Micheal Nkalubo, the commissioner for meteorology, said in a statement yesterday.

However, Mr Nkalubo said a few areas around the Lake Victoria basin (Kampala, Wakiso and Kalangala) Kabale, Kisoro and Kanungu districts are expected to experience occasional light to moderate rainfall during the same period.

The patterns
Normally, the period between January and February is a dry season which gives farmers an opportunity to prepare their gardens for the first rainy season starting March.

Due to poor rainfall distribution between September and December last year, many farmers especially those in the central, western regions planted late, recording poor harvests.

According to the weather outlook for January and February, the eastern region is likely to experience dry conditions although occasional light to moderate rains are expected to occur in isolated places.
Some areas in western region will experience occasional light to moderate rain while the North will be dry.

Negative potential impacts of the forecasted poor rainfall distribution for January-February include poor crop yields, reduced pasture and water for animals and shortage of poor food production and supply in some areas.

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