Tuesday April 25 2017

Early pregnancies causing congestion in hospital - authorities



Local leaders and health officials in Mpigi District have raised concern over the rising rate of early pregnancies in both villages and towns thus causing congestion in many health centres in the area .

Daily Monitor has learnt that in some health centres like Butoolo Health Centre III in Kamengo Sub-county and Bunjakko Health Centre III in Buwama Sub-county, there are mothers who share a delivery bed due to shortage.

At Buwama Health Centre III, the maternity ward has a capacity of seven beds and two delivery beds, but currently admits more than 85 expectant mothers in a fortnight, a number that officials say cannot be accommodated with the available beds.

“It is really disgusting to see two pregnant mothers sleeping on a single bed. We need to get a remedy to the situation before it becomes worse. There is need to get more beds in our health facilities to accommodate the rising number of expectant mothers,” Mr Peter Claver Mutuluza, the Mpigi District Chairperson said in a telephone interview.

Dr Jane Ruth Nassanga, the district health officer, said this situation is exacerbated by insufficient funds allocated to the health department.

Recently, the Minister of Trade, Industries and Cooperatives, also Mawokota North MP, Ms Amelia Kyambadde, attributed the current high rate of early pregnancies to boda-boda cyclists who are preying on girls between ages of 10 and 17 in the area.
Records at Mpigi health department indicate that Mpigi Health Centre IV receives 40 pregnant young girls, Buwama Health Centre III receives 14 cases and Butoolo Health Centre III gets seven cases every month.