Electoral Commission warns media over unofficial results

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Posted  Wednesday, February 17   2016 at  02:00

MBALE. The Electoral commission (EC) has warned media against declaring unofficial results after this Thursday elections.

Speaking in an interview, the eastern region election officer Umar Kiyimba told Daily Monitor that media should respect EC’s mandate and only announce official results.
“It’s only EC which has the mandate to declare winners, but not anyone else,” he said, explaining the media “can cause chaos if they report recklessly”.

However, the law allows the media to announce provisional results.
“After tallying the results, EC will declare successful candidates regardless of their party,” he said.
Meanwhile, the Elgon regional police commander, Mr James Ruhweza, has said they will arrest any aspiring candidates who will be found campaigning or bribing voters on the eve of or on the election day.

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