Thursday May 1 2014

Entebbe man electrocuted

By Martin Ssebuyira

Police in Entebbe are investigating circumstances under which an official of Komolo Utility Services, a company contracted by Umeme was electrocuted while fixing wires on a pole in Bugonga zone, Entebbe Municipality.

Entebbe police crime investigations chief, Mr Joseph Ssentamu, said the Force was investigating why precautions were not taken after Nathan Emulot was electrocuted while working.

He said police had taken the body to Mulago hospital for a postmortem to come up with an official report on the death.

Eyewitness accounts indicate there was a communication break down between officials at Umeme offices and the team fixing the power lines as electricity was “accidently switched on” killing Emulot instantly.

However, the Entebbe Umeme manager, Mr Edward Buyondo, denied allegations that power was switched back, saying; the deceased had mixed up the lines.
However, he said they were still investigating the matter to ascertain the cause of the electrocution.

Umeme head of communications Henry Rugamba said he was yet to get a full account on the accident.
“It happened last evening (Wednesday). The line was active. Initial reports indicate it was an illegal connection going on.”

THE numbers
800: The number of people who are electrocuted annualy in the Elgon sub-region and Masaka, according to the minister of Energy, Irene Muloni.