Saturday May 10 2014

Ex-MP Kipoi extradition hits snag


The Uganda government efforts to have former Bubulo West MP Tony Kipoi Nsubuga extradited from DR Congo to stand trial on various charges at home have hit a snag.

Police sources in Uganda said the DR Congo government has transferred Kipoi from Kinshasa Police Station to unknown military facility.
The transfer of Mr Kipoi follows DR Congo’s refusal to extradite him to Uganda due to lack of a bilateral treaty between the two countries to extradite each other’s criminal suspects.

Uganda’s ambassador to DR Congo, Major James Kinobe, confirmed that Mr Kipoi had been transferred from the DRC police custody to a military facility which had not been established.
“I visited the police station where he was detained in Kinshasa and failed to find him,” Mr Kinobe said on Thursday.
He added: “I was later told by the police officers that the officers from the military intelligence department picked him and took him to their facilities.”

The background
Mr Kipoi was arrested in Eastern DR Congo by Congolese army and transferred to Kinshasa, their capital city. Upon learning about the arrest, Uganda Police Force secured an Interpol red notice to enable his extradition to Uganda.
Mr Kinobe said he currently doesn’t know where Mr Kipoi is being detained.
“They (DR Congo authorities) are not telling me why they are not extraditing Kipoi to Uganda. But as you know we diplomats have limits on some issues,” he said.

Mr Kipoi is wanted at Nakawa Chief Magistrate’s Court after he jumped bail, which was granted to him soon after he was charged with theft of a car in Bostwana.
As a result, he missed 15 sittings of Parliament and subsequently lost his seat on account of his unexplained long absence from the House.