Ex-Teso commission demands pay from govt

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By Simon Emwamu

Posted  Wednesday, May 28   2014 at  01:10

In Summary

Unfulfilled promise. Group claims the government has failed to reward them for ending an uprising against the NRM

At least 153 members of the Presidential Commission for Teso (PCT) are seeking audience with President Museveni over unpaid allowances.
The members helped end the Uganda People’s Army [UPA) uprising against the National Resistance Army in Teso sub-region.

Mr Emmanuel Okello, head of the PCT team, told the Daily Monitor this week that after the commission was disbanded in 1997, the government promised to appreciate their services for engaging their sons to lay down their arms against the ruling NRM government.

Mr Okello said there was an agreement made under the Mbale Commission 1987 accord, formed by the President to counter a rebellion led by Mr Max Omeda, among others.

“We excellently executed the presidential duties as per the commission’s requirements and we were promised appreciation for our role that ended an uprising in Teso against the ruling NRM government but we have waited this long to no avail,” Mr Okello said.

He said they sacrificed a lot, including being detained by rebels while some of their relatives were killed, under accusation that they were government spymasters.

“We were branded spy masters for the NRM then and failure to recognise our efforts is a disservice to us,” Mr Okello said.

govt reacts
The State Minister for Teso Affairs, Ms Christine Amongin Aporu, told this newspaper that government gave the group Shs100 million to start a Sacco in 2000 which is in existence, adding that perhaps some of the claimants did not benefit from the first advancement.

She, however, promised to make a follow up with the President’s office to ascertain to whether there is anything else these ex-combatants demand from the government.

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