Friday August 29 2014

Ex-Tooro minister passes on

Ms Dorothy Nyakato

The late Ms Dorothy Nyakato 

By Francis Tusiime & Enid Ninsiima

Tooro Kingdom is mourning the death of a former minister for Gender in the Kingdom, Ms Dorothy Nyakato who passed on Tuesday morning.
According to the Tooro kingdom speaker, Mr Saul Mugasa the 92-year-old former minister and advisor to Omukama passed away on Tuesday morning at Kitante Medical Centre.

Mr Mugasa described the late as a woman who played a big role in the kingdom through training culture.

In 1996, the former Tooro Prime Minister John Sanyu Katuramu appointed Nyakato Minister of women, elderly and the disabled.
Nyakato was a member of the Kingdom parliament under the reign of Tooro Kings Sir George Rukidi, Patrick Olimi Kaboyo and Oyo Nyimba Kabamba Iguru Rukidi IV.

A teacher by profession, the deceased taught Kyebambe Girls’ School, Nyakasura School and schools in Mbarara and translated several books to the Rutooro language. She was also a member of the Runyoro-Rutooro orthography committee, which regulates and promotes the proper use and development of Runyoro-Rutooro language .

In 2012, King Oyo appointed her as his advisor on cultural affairs, a position she held until her death.

Abbooki Nyakato who belonged to Ababboopi clan will be laid to rest on Friday at her home in Mbuzi village in West Division, Fort Portal municipality. She is survived by one child.

Mr Steven Mugabo,who conducted a research on culture and tradition impacts on development said Tooro has lost a genius,an author and a parent.

When this newspaper caught up with her when she was still alive and strong at her residence in Rwengoma cell in West Division of Fort Portal Municipality in july, 2013, Nyakato, an author said she still had the zeal to write, read and talk with authority because of her experience.

“I have also written other books in Runyoro/Rutoro the most popular being Kagobe na Banura Book 1,2,3 and 4 which were being used in primary schools in Runyoro/Rutoro speaking areas”, Nyakato said with a broad smile then.

When she was invited as one of the special guests at a thanks giving ceremony for Mzee Dr. Lazaro Rubongoya who was celebrating his award of a PHD Degree from the Fort Portal based Mountains of the Moon University, Nyakato said she was born in 1922 and became one of the first women from Tooro Kingdom who got educated in the 1940s.

She trained as a Teacher and taught in several schools before she was transfered to Buloba Teachers College as a Lecturer. She went for study at Bristle University in London and later to the University of Leads in London to specialize in the teaching of English.

Nyakato was appointed an Inspector of Schools based at the Ministry of Education and Sports headquarters until she retired in
1980. However, shortly after her retirement, she worked as an Inspector of Schools in Kyegegwa district on contract for two years.