Friday June 6 2014

FDC activist petitions judge over passport

By Stephen kafeero

Forum for Democratic Change youth league leader and activist Francis Mwijukye has petitioned the Principal Judge over his missing passport which was part of the conditions for his bail in December 2011.

In a May 26 letter to Mr Yorokamu Bamwine, Mr Mwijukye states that after the charges against him were dismissed on October 30, 2013, he has not recovered his passport to date.

When contacted, Mr Bamwine confirmed receipt of the letter, saying he had written to the High Court judge in Nakawa for a report on the matter.
“I have already written and requested the concerned judge to brief me about the matter before I can advise,” he said.

In 2011, Mr Mwijukye together with FDC Women’s League leader Ingrid Turinawe and activist Sam Mugumya, were arrested and remanded to Luzira prison on treason charges.

Mr Mwijukye was released on bail on December 12, 2011.
The bail terms included that he deposits his passport as well as pay Shs5 million.

But since then, Mr Mwijukye has tried to retrieve his passport, phones and laptop that were confiscated as exhibits of the case.

Due to travel
When contacted yesterday, Mr Mwijukye said he had not got any feedback from the Principal Judge or anybody from his office yet he is supposed to travel tomorrow.

“I am supposed to travel on Saturday to the Netherlands but I cannot go. I also have another meeting at the end of June but am not sure I will be able to go,” he said.

Mr Bamwine maintains that the case is being investigated.
“If he feels that he is not being helped, let him come to me directly,” he said.