Friday August 8 2014

Families warned on obesity

By Franklin Mugerwa

Few Ugandans understand what nutritious food consists of and most of them believe it is only fatty and oily food that is nutritious.
This revelation was made by Mr Tom Muzoora from the Uganda Nutrition Action Plan Office while addressing health workers and members of the District Nutrition Committee in Masaka last Monday.
Mr Muzoora said most Ugandans believe the best diet only consists of fat meat and other food stuffs fried in cooking oil and that it is what everyone earning a good income should eat.

“Therefore, rich families will hardly feed on such items as silverfish and beans because they think they are cheap and unhealthy,” he said. “As health workers and good nutrition advocates it is your duty to correct this wrong belief within our people.” He said silverfish and beans are highly nutritious but they are despised as food for only the poor.

Another presenter at the two-day workshop, Mr Boaz Musimenta, from the Uganda Nutrition Action Plan, observed that most people in Uganda consider obesity to be a sign of good health which he said is often false. “Obesity is the result of having too much cholesterol in the body and it is often due to bad eating habits and it is linked to several health problems including high blood pressure and diabetes,” Mr Musimenta said.

He warned that commercialisation of agriculture has caused some farmers to sell most of the family’s harvested food crops including fruits leaving the family members to become malnourished and prone to diseases.