Friday August 22 2014

Fashion show funds to rehabilitate former child soldiers

By Gloria Haguma

Kampala-Where there is war, children, women and elderly suffer the most. However, children suffer more because they grow up traumatised by effects of war.

It is much worse when the children are recruited, and turned into soldiers. It turns out to be a lost innocence and only through rehabilitation can they be integrated back into their communities and lead normal lives like other children.
It is for this that the I am Somebody’s Child Soldier, a charity organisation put together a fashion show, last Friday at the Royal Suites in Bugolobi aimed at raising funds to help rehabilitate former child soldiers in northern Uganda.

The charity organisation is spearheaded by Ms Shirah Z Mansaray and her husband Hakeem Mansaray, together with lawyers and other humanitarians from the UK.

Clothes showcased
Different women designer clothes from Zara, Top shop, and People Tree were showcased at the event, plus a men’s collection from Ugandan designer Ras Nume of Miubu Clothing.

The pieces were auctioned off to the guests, and proceeds will go to the Laroo Boarding School in Gulu, that provides education, and rehabilitation of many child soldiers affected by the LRA war, that ravaged the north for at least 20 years.

While speaking at the event, Ms Mansaray said the project was taken on, after seeing the plight of many children in Uganda and in Sierra Leone where her husband hails from.
“The whole idea is to empower the future generation, with particular attention on the child soldiers. And since my husband is from Sierra Leone, we wanted to start a project that could be started here, and later moved to Sierra Leone which also has a high number of child soldiers,” she said.