Fight for clan headship on in Acholi

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By Julius Ocungi & Sam Lawin

Posted  Wednesday, February 5   2014 at  02:00


A bitter wrangle has erupted among the third largest clan of the Acholi chiefdom on who should be the chief of the Lamogi clan.

The conflict is among the two Lamogi chiefs, the suspended Yai Otinga Otto and the current chief, Mr Paul Olango, with each claiming to be the rightful chief.

In 2010, the Acholi chiefdom suspended Mr Otto from conducting any activity as the chief of the Lamogi clan on allegations of illegal land sale, and corruption during his tenure in office. Mr Olango, the current Lamogi clan chief, while speaking to the press in Gulu town on Monday, said there are rumours that Mr Otinga had been reinstated.

“There are unconfirmed rumours that Mr Otto is reinstated and in case it is true, my subjects will not accept to work with the suspended Mr Otinga who has never been cleared of wrong-doing,” Mr Olango said. “I have been chosen as the legitimate chief of Lamogi by the people of Lamogi, Rwot Acana is the one behind this confusion, but we shall not accept, we shall find other avenues,” he said.

“Lamogi chiefdom has its own council that has the onus to restore, choose or even dismiss its own sons and can handle its own problem therefore no other clan can interfere in the affair at home,” Mr Olango said. The subjects accused Paramount Chief Acan of failing to fit in the shoes of his late father Acana I, who was a symbol of unity among the Acholi chiefdoms.

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