First Lady warns Karimojong on wasting resources

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By Stephen Otage

Posted  Monday, June 23   2014 at  01:00

The minister for Karamoja Affairs has said the Karamoja Policy Committee will next month begin consultations with leaders from the region about the perennial problems affecting the region.

While launching a community piped water project at Kanawat parish in Kotido District on Friday, Ms Janet Museveni said government can no longer afford sending resources to Karamoja yet the Karimojong are not doing anything to protect and maintain the facilities.

“We no longer want to call on other people to work for you when you are not doing anything to feed yourselves and maintain the facilities which have been provided to you,” Ms Museveni said.
She said the Karimojong should stop the habit of courting pity as if they are less human, challenging them to rise up and show the world they no longer need sympathy.

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