Sunday May 12 2013

Floods displace Buliisa residents

By Francis mugerwa & Enid Ninsima

Floods have displaced more than 30 families in Piida, Kawebanda and Booma Villages in Butyaba Sub-county, Buliisa District. The affected families have reportedly sought refuge in homes of other residents.

The floods have also blocked the road to Butyaba health centre. “Over 30 families were displaced but we are trying to create drainages (in the flooded areas) through which the water can flow,” the Butyaba Sub-county chairperson, Mr Seremosi Mulimba, said.

The affected area, situated in the Albertine Graben, is flat and adjacent to Lake Albert.
The displaced residents have called on the government and charity organisations to give them food and other relief items.

Water purifier leaves
Meanwhile, Water Purification Systems, an NGO that has been involved in purification of water for people displaced by floods in Kasese, has withdrawn from the exercise due to logistical constraints.

Officials of the organisation on Wednesday said the district had failed to provide them with storage tanks for purified water. “We managed to come with our two small tanks of 60 litres each but it is not enough. Our big systems produces 1,800 litres per hour and the small one purifies 150 litres which need a big storage unit. We are taking away our services since we have not been able to produce to our expectations ” Ms Marriam Kiiza, an official of the organisation, told this newspaper.

She added: “We were asked by the camp captain to leave behind the small system since our water is chemical free but we can’t, because there is no commitment from government officials to have all the water purified.”The camp captain, Mr Justus Baluku, said the number of people in the camp had reduced from 620 -435.

“It is true people have left the camp to go to other places while others have escaped due to harsh conditions,” Mr Baluku said.