Monday September 1 2014

Floods kill 22year old woman in Kampala


A 22-year old woman was on Sunday killed by floods that rocked Kampala suburbs following a heavy down.

According to police, Madina Nabakooza lost her life in the floods in Ndeeba, a Kampala suburb shortly after the afternoon heavy down pour.
“One woman died while she attempted to move in the floods in Ndeeba, Katwe,” said Kampala metropolitan police spokesperson, Mr Patrick Onyango who was addressing journalist on Monday.

Witnesses told Police that the deceased seemed drunk and that she reportedly stepped in the fast running water that swept her away thinking it was not deep enough to kill her. The deceased’s body was taken to Mulago Hospital for a post mortem.

“If you feel you are drunk, especially when it is raining, stay in the bar until the following morning when you are safe,” Mr Onyango said before cautioning people living in flood prone areas to be careful, especially after heavy rains.

Mr Onyango further told journalists that floods in Bwaise, Nateete, Nalukolongo, Kalelwe and Ndeeba suburbs destroyed property worth millions of shillings.

“According to our assessment millions of shillings have been lost in the floods that swept across various city suburbs on Sunday,” he said.
Meanwhile, as schools open for a new term next week, Mr Onyango cautioned parents to be careful when paying their children’s school fees.

“As the term begins, parents should pay school fees in the banks themselves as there are conmen waiting who hoax students into stealing their money.” Mr Onyango.