Friday February 21 2014

Fox Odoi vows to fight anti- pornography bill in court.

West Budama MP Fox Odoi. Photo by Geoffrey

West Budama MP Fox Odoi. Photo by Geoffrey Sseruyange 

By Nelson Bwire

West Budama Member of Parliament Fox Odoi vows to fight the Anti-pornography bill in courts of law. Odoi claims that the bill violates the rights of Ugandans.

"Implementing such a law will be violating the rights of Ugandans" Odio said. This comes after Ethics minister Fr. Simon Lokodo confirmed that the Anti-pornography bill had already been assented to by President Museveni, making it a law.

Lokodo further stated that the bill would be operational with in a matter of days: "I have already prepared my statement for the Statory instrument and have consulted with the Solicitor general to help me with the proper legal drafting, it will be returned soon and I will just append my signature.” Said Fr. Lokodo.

“The police are already equipped with the parameters for determining those who offend the law; and these are already clear, the way in which one talks, dresses or walks which is deemed provocative or likely to cause sexual excitement. Anything that provokes, stirs or creates unnecessary sensitivity..” Lokodo continued.