Friday January 22 2016

Gen Otafiire supporters injured in campaign fight

Maj Gen Kahinda Otafiire.

Maj Gen Kahinda Otafiire. 



Six supporters of Maj Gen Kahinda Otafiire, the MP for Ruhinda County, were on Tuesday injured in a fight with those of Mitooma District Woman MP Ms Jovah Kamateeka and Mr Benon Karyaija, the LC5 chairman.

Gen Otafiire’s supporters were travelling from Kashasha to Rutembe in Kabira Sub-county when they ran into supporters of Mr Karyaija and Ms Kamateeka at Omukareere trading centre in Rurehe Sub-county and the fight ensued.

Ms Kamateeka and Mr Karyaija are also NRM flag bearers for the LC5 and Woman MP seats together with Capt. Donozio Kahonda who trounced Gen. Otafiire in NRM primaries.
The Justice and Constitutional Affairs minister is contesting on an Independent ticket.

One of the injured Gen Otafiire’s supporters, Ms Mackline Natukwatsa, claims that they were beaten on the orders of Mr Karyaija and Ms Kamateeka.

The claims
“We were travelling in a vehicle belonging to Kahinda and another one with a public address system but upon reaching where Kamateeka’s rally was going to take place, we met some people who started beating us, saying we had come to disrupt their rally,” said Ms Natukwatsa.

She added that Ms Kamateeka and Mr Karyaija’s vehicles blocked the road and that Ms Kamateeka grabbed keys from their driver.
Her supporters then started breaking the vehicle’s glass windows.
Both Mr Karyaija and Ms Kamateeka have denied the accusations.
The others that were injured are Appolo Rugoye, Robert Kagoro, Purutazio Mpereirwe, Sanbalat Muhereza and Robert Nuwamanya.
They were admitted to A&O Medical Clinic in Kashenshero Town Council for medical attention.

Mr Rugoye too claimed that the fight was started by Ms Kamateeka’s supporters and they fought back in self-defence. On hearing what had happened to his supporters Gen Otafiire, who was in Kampala, rushed to Mitooma.

He told Daily Monitor on Wednesday: “I am told that as my supporters were trying to pass by the other group and were attacked. I have reported the case to police and I hope action will be taken. I have told my supporters not to cause fracas and violence in the campaigns.”

He added that he expects smooth elections in the constituency and whoever instigates and participates in chaos should be dealt with in accordance with the law.