Ggwanga tells Museveni to leave in 2016

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Posted  Sunday, January 12   2014 at  02:00


The Presidential adviser on security in Buganda region, Brig Kasirye Ggwanga, has asked President Museveni and his government to relinquish power in 2016.
While appearing on KFM Hot Seat on Thursday, Brig Ggwanga said it is time for the young generation to be given chance to lead the country forward.
“I am now relying on the young generation because now you are generation. Most of the old guys you see should get out of the system and let the young ones take over,” Brig Ggwanga emphasised.
Asked whether this also applies to President Museveni, the presidential advisor said: “Exactly, get out!”

He noted that technology and the way of running government affairs have changed and the old guards cannot cope.
He said anyone, whether civilian or military, can effectively govern the country. “Why do you have to think of soldiers taking over power, what about you? That is the problem you have, you think whoever is not putting on an army uniform cannot rule Uganda,” Brig Ggwanga said.

Asked about his take on current government policies, Brig Ggwanga said: “I don’t like the way the government is handling agriculture because in the manifesto, they talk about mechanization of agriculture. Now three years down the road I am not seeing anything happening.”

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