Sunday February 23 2014

Ghost teachers earning salaries in Mbarara


Mbarara- Mbarara District councillors have said there are more than 100 ghost teachers in primary schools in the district.
They claim the ghosts continue to draw salaries and enjoy benefits as serving teachers.
The councillors made the allegations during a council meeting on Thursday. They also accused education officials and school head teachers of conniving with the culprits to protect the ghost teachers.

“Imagine we have over 100 teachers not working in our schools yet they are getting paid. This is a criminal matter that calls for urgent attention of arresting the culprits,’’ said Mr William Tibamanya, the district speaker.

He urged all concerned people in the district, including the Resident District Commissioner, to intervene and stop wastage of government resources. But the RDC, Mr Nixon Kabuye, challenged the councillors to produce evidence.

He challenged the councillors and district leaders to always make reports as evidence to support their claims.

The councillors alleged most of the ghost teachers are teaching in Rwanda where they earn better pay.

“We are investigating reports that most of these teachers we are talking about do part-time teaching in Rwanda, and we are telling them to either remain here or go to Rwanda permanently,” said Mr Didas Tabaro, the district secretary for Social services.