Government accused of ignoring disease

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Posted  Thursday, February 21   2013 at  02:00

In Summary

The Gulu health officer says they have not got food from the government yet it is essential for victims.

The Gulu District Health Officer has accused the government of a slow response to the nodding syndrome, which, he said, had led to the rapid spread of the disease in the district.

Dr Charles Onek said the disease, which was first reported in Odek Sub-county in 2011, would not have spread to the neighbouring Paicho, Cwero and Palaro sub-counties if an intervention had been made earlier.

He said the government promised to provide food to the victims but it was only with the help of World Vision, a charity organisation, that 30,000 kilogrammes of food was delivered.

The government, however, maintains that it has done all it can to help, including setting up three treatment facilities with food.

Giving an update to donors and councillors at the district headquarters on Tuesday, Dr Onek revealed that the district had 330 cases of the nodding disease.

However, Hope for Humans, an NGO which has set up a treatment and learning centre for affected children, said up to 700 children were affected.

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