Tuesday July 1 2014

Government has met only 3 of the 20 promises to teachers- report


A report by Uganda Governance Monitoring Platform (UGMP) has faulted the ruling party, NRM for not delivering on most of its promises made to teachers during the 2011 general election, a claim, the party’s spokesperson, Ms Mary Karooro Okurut agrees with but says the party will release its manifesto achievements soon.

“We are going to release a report on what we have achieved in our manifesto. We have not achieved all but we are doing well. They should not criticize for us for the sake. Teachers’ salaries have gradually been increased,” Ms Karooro said when contacted on telephone.

In the run up to the 2011 elections, UGMP developed a Citizens’ Manifesto where they captured interests of various groups including the teachers to act as a guide for political parties in formulation of their manifestos.

The teachers among other things, demanded that government urgently; improves learners’ access to quality public education, increase education financing and utilization, develop a mechanism to sustain citizen participation in education and implement joint negotiations between teachers and government.

“Out of 20 commitments made by the NRM government and Teachers’ Manifesto combined, government has only made progress on 3, lagged behind on 9 and regressed on 8 commitments,” reads part of the report.

“Over the past three years, government has only managed to improve on the teacher enrolment and review of the lower secondary curriculum, and despite this seeming success, reports show that more teachers seem to be engaging in private business at the cost of teaching,”.

The audit review used the Citizens Manifesto and Teachers Manifesto as benchmarks.