Friday February 7 2014

Government releases Shs5b for restocking in Acholi sub-region

By Winny Acayo & Jacky Adure

GULU- Government has released Shs5 billion, for the expanded livestock restocking programme in Acholi sub-region, under the Peace, Recovery and Development Programme.

Beneficiaries of the programme include ex-combatants, orphans, former abductees, child-headed families, child mothers, widows and elderly persons.

Each district is expected to get Shs500 million for this project and the procurement process will be done by the office of the Prime Minister.

Gulu District speaker Douglas Peter Okello has, however, raised concern on the procurement process being done by OPM, citing the earlier cash abused by the same office.

“It should have been done by the district procurement committee, not the office of the prime minister for the purposes of transparency,” he said.

The assistant commissioner in the office of the Prime Minister, Mr. Gonzanga Mayanja, said the amount for each district is not equal.

“The criteria of money distribution depends on the population of the district, conflict sensitivity and the number of parishes in the district,” Mr Mayanja said.

He however could not reveal the least and the largest amount of money that would be given to each district.

At the moment the government is compensating people in Acholi sub-region who lost animals in the two decade’s war in the region.

The government has so far given Shs12.1 billion out of the total estimate of Shs35 trillion expected to be given to the claimants.