Saturday October 25 2014

Government summons Shell and Bolton over advert

By Othman Semakula & Andrew Bagala

KAMPALA- The Immigration Control has summoned Shell and Bolton International to explain their seemingly discriminative employment policy, contrary to the Ugandan laws.

A letter from the Commissioner for Immigration, Mr Anthony Namara, summoned management of Shell and Bolton to present a list of expatriate employees detailing their work permits and employment letters.

“…the department of Immigration Control is charged with the duty of ensuring that foreign expatriates …. obtain and work on paper facilities as per the law. In exercise of the above function, I do invite you for a meeting scheduled Tuesday, October 28 at 9am at the department’s boardroom,” Mr Namara’s letter reads in part.

“…bring along all the list of foreign employees of the company and their appointment letters,” Mr Namara stated.

The summon follows an advert in the media on Monday where Shell and Bolton International sought to employ an administrative assistant of Indian, Phillipino or white origin.

The advert sparked outrage on the social media networks with many subscribers accusing the companies of racism and undermining Ugandans.