Sunday May 4 2014

Government to bring Col Ogole’s body home for burial

By Hudson Apunyo

Dokolo- President Museveni has said government will support the family of the late Col John Charles Ogole to bring back his body to the country for burial.

The former Uganda National Liberation Army (UNLA) commander of Special Brigade died in London on Wednesday.

Special Brigade, a counter insurgency unit in the UNLA, was in charge of military offensive operations against the then National Resistance Army (NRA) rebels led by Yoweri Museveni in Luweero Triangle. The NRA were scattered by the Ogole forces but regrouped later when Gen Tito Okello and Gen Olara Okello overthrew the Milton Obote government in a coup in 1985.
Ogole then fled to exile where he died last Wednesday.

“Your Excellency, death has befallen our community. Your friend Col Ogole passed on in London yesterday. The request from the people in Lango is that you help the family to bring back his body and it’s laid to rest,” Dokolo MP Felix Okot Ogong said on Thursday during the funeral of Mary Imat Ogwal.

The late Imat from Dokolo District participated in the liberation struggle that toppled Idi Amin in 1979. She died on April 24, aged 100.

President Museveni was in Dokolo to attend Imat’s funeral.

President Museveni said Imat cared for many people while in Tanzania. He said when he took over government in 1986, he looked for her and built her a house.

The family of Col Ogole in a statement said he died at St Charles Hospital in West London and that arrangements were underway to bring the body back home after May 17.
“On the issue of the late Col Ogole, we shall definitely assist the family to bring the body home,” President Museveni said in a brief response.