Sunday May 11 2014

Govt asks for Shs30b to stop Kasese floods

By Ephraim Kasozi

The government is asking for Shs30 billion to de-silt River Nyamwamba in Kasese District to stop the bursting of its banks, which has claimed lives and property.
De-silting involves removing sand around the river so that water can flow freely.

Addressing journalists at the weekend in Kampala, the State Minister for Disaster Preparedness, Mr Musa Ecweru, said the measure would permanently ensure normal water flow.

“From the assessment so far made, we have since learnt that during the construction of Kilembe Mines and the hospital, the river flow was changed,” Mr Ecweru said.

“During the operation of the Kilembe Mines, there was regular de-silting of the river which stopped. This has come amid high degradation on the top of the mountain whereby each time it rains, it becomes dangerous,” he added.

The remarks came days after River Nyamwamba burst its banks, causing floods at Kilembe hospital.
Mr Ecweru also said they have partnered with the management of Hima Cement factory to carry out minor de-siltation in some areas, pending acquisition of the money.
The minister said the effect of the tragedy was not fatal due to the positive response to early warnings.
“An assessment was done to determine early detection of tragedy and sensitisation of locals to leave risky areas before trouble comes,” Mr Ecweru said.