Thursday April 3 2014

Govt ban on A4C members expires today



Members of Activists for Change can now join or manage any other society following the expiry of a ban on the group’s activities by the Attorney General in 2012.

The Penal Code Act Sec [61] of the miscellaneous provisions relating to unlawful societies states that any office bearer of an unlawful society shall be permitted to manage or assist in the running of another society two years after the date on which such a society became unlawful.
On April 4, 2012, the Attorney General, Mr Peter Nyombi, issued a statutory instrument number 14 invoking section 56 (2) (C) of the Penal Code, which declared A4C an unlawful society.
The decree subsequently rendered the group’s activities illegal.
The Attorney General’s declaration restricted any leaders in the A4C from managing or even assisting to establish any other societies two years after its issuance.

Police have since blocked meetings and activities organized by the group citing the statutory instrument.

Mr Muwanga Kivumbi, the MP for Butambala and a member of A4C, said it was important for the government to save the country from the growing insecurity instead of singling out innocent individuals.