Thursday April 10 2014

Govt cuts UPE funding



Government has slashed funding to schools under Universal Primary Education in wide-ranging budget cuts, which lawmakers have described as adding “insult to the injury”.
The annual capitation contribution has been cut to Shs6,800, down from Shs7,000.
This comes at a time when a number of school heads and other stakeholders have been asking government to increase its contribution for government supported students under the free education for all programme.

To oppose
MPs on the Education Committee said they would oppose the planned cuts because they have over the years been “begging” government to increase UPE capitation grant to at least 10,000 per pupil.
Officials from the Ministry of Finance, however, said the available kitty is expected to suffer dents with freeze or diversion of donor funds due to the recently enacted Anti-Homosexuality Act.
Mr Jim Mugunga, the Ministry of Finance spokesman, said they should not be blamed because each ministry orginates its line budget, in consideration with available funds.
Budget allocation
Teachers’ share. Out of the Shs450b earmarked in the 2014/15 budget for the proposed pay raise for civil servants, teachers who have been pushing for a 20 per cent salary rise will only share Shs1.3b.